Self Drilling Screw Metalsheet Roofing

The metalsheet roofing screws can screw directly without pre-drill, the special design drill point either for wood and steel frame

and the special plating only on the S.U.G brands for more effective antirust, 6x better than the simple zinc plate.

Shank Guard : Help to remove the sharpness of the matalsheet, Prevent the iron dust scratch on screw head while installing for the effective antirust

Self Drilling Screw Metal Sheet Roofing 1

Self Drilling Screw Metalsheet Roofing

stay confident with AS3566 class 2 stardard guarantee, with the real E.P.D.M. rubber washer from australia for the effective leakage proof.

High Quality EPDM “Deks” rubber washer from australia for effective leakage proof.

The special drill point (Sd), Can screw the thickness 3.2mm. steel purlin without pre-drill.